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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

5 Ways Hurricane Windows Can Save You Money

by Bradley Castillo

Hurricane windows are designed to resist storm impacts, but they can serve a few more purposes. One of those purposes you don't want to overlook is how they can save you money, which will offset the initial cost of installation.

1. Reduced Storm Damages

The main way hurricane windows save you cash is that your home is less likely to suffer damages during a storm event, especially if the windows are just one part of a storm-resistant home design. Even if you can't get home to board up the windows, you can be reasonably assured that there won't be any broken windows, or interior damages caused by broken windows, after the storm has passed.

2. Lower Insurance Premiums

Home insurance in storm-prone areas tends to be higher due to the greater number of claims that come out of the at-risk region. Any upgrades you make to your home that lowers any damage risks will likely result in a discount on your home insurance premiums. This can result in extensive home insurance savings over the life of your home.

3. Higher Energy Efficiency

Hurricane windows are made of multiple layers of glass with laminate layers sealed between these layers. They are also well sealed into sturdy frames, which are also designed to be leak and impact-resistant. This design doesn't just make the windows impact and leak-resistant, it also protects against energy loss through the glass and around the window frames. Many hurricane windows are also rated highly for energy efficiency, which will save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

4. Fewer Maintenance Needs

Compared to the alternative, hurricane shutters, impact windows are zero maintenance. Shutters need to be inspected and lubricated periodically to make sure they work properly. You may also need to invest in serving and repairing any motorized or automatic features on the shutters, which will also cost money. Windows are virtually maintenance-free other than cleaning, so you won't have to budget for maintenance costs.

5. Enhanced Home Protection

There are other protective qualities with hurricane windows that can save money. Most are made of UV-resistant glass, which reduces sun damage to furniture and upholstery in the home. The impact-resistant glass also prevents home intrusion, which means you are less likely to have to deal with a costly robbery.

Contact a hurricane window replacement service to learn more about the impact window options that are available for your home.