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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

Get The Most Out Of Your Patio Doors: Choosing, Installing, And Maintaining Vinyl Doors

by Bradley Castillo

There are a lot of areas where vinyl doors and windows can be used in your home. One of these areas is your patio. Adding vinyl doors to your patio can enhance this space and provide the right features you want for your home's outdoor space. The following vinyl patio door information will help you choose the right doors and keep them in good condition:

Different Types of Patio Doors

In your quest to find the right patio door for your home, you will come across many different options. These options vary based on the types of doors, the materials in which they are made, and the style of the door.

Sliding glass patio doors

These are by far one of the most popular choices when it comes to patio doors. Sliding patio doors have panels that slide horizontally. Sliding patio doors also allow you to open them, which is a great feature to have in your home. Sliding patio doors are also less expensive than swinging patio doors.

Sliding panel doors

The panels slide horizontally towards one another. The panels then lock into the header and sill. Sliding patio doors can also be made with a transom. The transom is a panel that hangs over the doorway. The transom helps add character to the doorway. Sliding patio doors can also have a grille, which is a piece of metal that hangs over the door. The grille can provide extra privacy.

Swinging patio doors

These doors are another option when it comes to patio doors. Swinging patio doors can be opened inward or outward. They are like other conventional doors that are installed on hinges, but they can be double or French doors that create a larger opening to access your outdoor patio area.

There are other options to consider with the different types of doors, such as the height, molding, and finishes.

Factors To Consider When Buying Patio Doors

When you are choosing doors, you have additional decisions to make. What kind of doors are you installing? Do you want sliding doors, French doors, or swinging doors? Do you want doors that open in or out? Do you want windows on your doors? When you choose patio doors, be sure to consider all your options.

For example, how much traffic will the door be exposed to? Do you want patio doors that can withstand a lot of abuse? If so, you might consider installing French doors or sliding patio doors. You might also consider installing doors with security glass that can withstand a break-in.

Does the room in which you install the door get direct sun? Will the door be shaded by overhanging trees or shrubs? If so, sliding patio doors might be a good choice.

Installing Vinyl Patio Doors

After you have chosen the type of vinyl doors to use, the installation process will begin. This starts with measuring the opening and ordering the doors. When the doors arrive, the old patio doors can be removed and the new doors can be installed. The installation of the door will only take a few hours and it will be checked for level. After the installation, revise the door to make sure it operates easily and that there is no visible damage to the unit.

Maintaining Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl patio door maintenance is as important as installation. If neglected, it can increase wear and tear and lead to a premature replacement.

Vinyl patio doors are easy to maintain. However, like everything else, they need a little tender loving care.

First, clean your patio doors regularly

Dirt and dust can damage hardware and finishes of doors if it is left to collect.

Second, secure the glass

Sliding glass doors are dangerous. They can break and cause injury. Secure the glass panels with safety locks.

Third, lubricate the patio door hardware

Sliding patio doors should glide smoothly on tracks. Lubricate the tracks with a lubricant designed for vinyl. You can also oil metal hardware if you have swinging doors.

Fourth, clean the rollers

Clean the rollers before lubricating to prevent dirt and dust from sticking.

Fifth, clean the seals

Wipe the seals with a damp cloth. You may need to occasionally replace weather seals that wear out over time.

Finally, inspect the patio door regularly

Look for loose or damaged parts. Secure them quickly. Vinyl patio door maintenance is an important task. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your patio door.

Contact a vinyl patio door service to get help deciding on the right solutions to add new doors to your patio.