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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

PVC Is A Great Door Material

by Bradley Castillo

If you have money to invest in your home, you should deathly consider replacing your entry door. Entry doors are often one of the most frequently used ways to enter and exit the house. If you are opening and closing your entry doors hundreds times throughout the day, this is obviously going to take a toll on all of the parts. Also, the outside of your entry door is often very exposed if it receives little protection from the roofline. Basically, entry doors might need to be replaced quite often because the outside of them wears down very quickly. This article explains why homeowners should consider replacing their entry doors with a PVC product.

PVC Looks Amazing

When it comes to PVC, many people just think of the piping that is so commonly used in plumbing. However, the PVC used for entry door frames is far more stylish than this. PVC entry doors are manufactured with advanced printing techniques and molds. So, a mold presses the PVC with a woodgrain finish, but it will also have a print that lines up with the grain textures. Basically, it is made to look and feel very realistic.

PVC frames often look best when they are a solid color. They are also cheaper than products with advanced multi-colored prints that are made to look like raw lumber. This actually isn't an issue for most people because most homeowners want a product that will match with their exterior trim, which is usually just a solid color. White is particularly popular for entry doors.

PVC Maintenance is Next to Nothing

In the end, most people end up choosing to install PVC more for its practicality rather than for its style. You really can't go wrong with the zero maintenance, easy cleaning, and durability of PVC. It is a durable product that is basically fade resistant, so it doesn't need to be refinished or restained. In fact, most experts will suggest that you don't try to repaint your PVC entry doors unless you use a professional electrostatic paint gun. Otherwise, it is hard to create a permanent paint finish. However, most people never actually want to paint the entry door frames one day once they are installed. They also won't need to since the finish doesn't really fade. Rather, they just enjoy the practicality and low maintenance of PVC frames. PVC is a great material for your entry doors.