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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

Buying new windows for your home is a major purchase. Luckily though, it isn't something that needs to be done often. However, few people realize that there are a few tips and tricks that can help you extend the lifespan of your new windows. My husband and I recently bought new windows and I wanted to make sure I got the most out of them, which is how I came across these tricks. I spent a lot of time researching and learning about them, so I decided to create a website to help others who may be looking for the same information. I hope this helps you.

Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

3 Extra Tips For Securing Your Home Before Traveling When Getting Window Replacement

by Bradley Castillo

Being away from home for a few weeks or even months, either due to travel or owning a seasonal home, makes it so important that you look into what's involved in making your home as secure as possible while you're gone. Having your home be broken into while you're away can be a frightening idea—making it important that you look into how helpful window repair or replacement can be for your home.

Instead of worrying that your current windows are in poor condition and going to let a burglar get inside, consider some of the following ways that your new windows can have the security that you want implemented.

Make Sure the Screens Are Secure

The screens on your windows are likely the first thing that will be handled when someone has the intention of breaking into your home. In order for the windows to be more secure, you'll need to make sure that the screens are kept secure and that they cannot be pulled out with ease.

Checking the latches on the screens and even opting for metal-mesh screens, instead of a lighter material, can help go a long way towards making the screens harder to get through for a potential break-in.

Get Any Loose Hardware Replaced

The hardware on the windows themselves, such as the latches that keep the windows locked, can become loose over time or simply may not be the quality that you want. If you're concerned with the hardware being poor quality, it's vital that you look into what you can do to make the hardware better quality. This is usually as simple as removing the old locks and getting them replaced, along with checking if the sliding track is cleaned up.

Add Extra Locks for More Security

While the locks on your windows should do a lot to prevent them from being pulled open, you may want to add extra locks since you'll be away for an extended period. Additional locks can be fairly easy to install and can help add some extra protection that you'll want to use when you're not opening and closing the windows regularly. These extra locks can be used only when you're gone and make it much harder on burglars to get past your windows.

As you look for ways to add security to your home, you'll quickly see just how much of an impact window replacement and the added safety can make. With the above ideas, your windows will be harder to get past—giving you some peace of mind. For more information, contact professionals like Gallagher Bros. Inc.