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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

Buying new windows for your home is a major purchase. Luckily though, it isn't something that needs to be done often. However, few people realize that there are a few tips and tricks that can help you extend the lifespan of your new windows. My husband and I recently bought new windows and I wanted to make sure I got the most out of them, which is how I came across these tricks. I spent a lot of time researching and learning about them, so I decided to create a website to help others who may be looking for the same information. I hope this helps you.

Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

Why Wooden Windows Are Still Great

by Bradley Castillo

Most modern homes are being built with windows that are made out of synthetic materials like fiberglass and plastic. However, there are still many homeowners who prefer the more natural look of wooden windows. Luckily, there is still a strong market for wooden windows and there are many great styles and options to choose from. Also, there are still plenty of practical reasons to choose wood over synthetic materials. This article explains why wooden windows are still a great option for residential property owners.

Wood Style is Unmatched

Most people will choose wood simply because of its unmatched style. Perhaps the greatest testament to the style of wood, is the fact that many materials, like plastic and fiberglass, are sold with fake wood prints. Of course, these never look as good as real wood does. So, if you want your windows to look like wood, why not buy wood?

Wood Maintenance is Not Too Difficult

The main reason that many home builders overlook wooden windows is the fact that they require a little bit of maintenance. However, most of this maintenance is preventative and minor. As long as you keep your windows sealed and clean, you don't need to worry about water damage and termites. The first step in good wood maintenance is to make sure that your frames always have a seal. Whether your frames are painted a solid color or stained with the clear tint, the finish is vital. If the finish rubs off, it could expose the wood and make it more susceptible to water damage. This is why movable, especially sliding, windows need to be restained more often than fixed windows. But, this is a simple process is long as you don't wait too long. If you wait until your wood stain is chipped and peeling away, it will be much harder to refinish the surface. However, if you reapply to finish every few years, it is a simple process.

Wood is Very Durable

Wooden windows are not only stylish, they are also very durable and reliable. Wood, when properly sealed and waterproofed, can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Hardwood windows are strong and very unlikely to get dinged or scratched. Also, patching wood is simpler than patching most synthetic materials.

Wooden windows are clearly still a great option for most homeowners. If you truly desire the look of wooden windows, you should not be dissuaded by the maintenance requirements. Visit a window company like Gilkey Windows for more information.