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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

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Tricks to Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

Ways To Dust And Clean Wooden Blinds

by Bradley Castillo

Whether your blinds are real wood or faux, they will get dirty over time. This means that you will need to clean them periodically if you want them to look good, but this can be a big job. Here are some tips to help you clean wooden or faux wood blinds, but at some point you may want to hire a company to professionally clean your blinds for you.

Ways To Dust Them

Dust is one of the main culprits that contaminate blinds and make them dirty, and you may want to dust your wooden blinds every week, or you might want to do this once a month. Dusting them will take some time and will not exactly clean them, but it will help make them look a little nicer. To dust your blinds, you can use one of these methods:

  • Vacuum – If your vacuum has a brush attachment, use it to remove the dust from the blinds. As you do this, run the brush across the slats instead of against the direction of the slats.
  • Lamb's wool – If you have a lamb's wool dusting tool, it will work great for dusting wooden blinds. As you run this tool across each slat, you will see that the dust is gone.
  • Socks or cotton gloves – Another way to dust wooden blinds is to place an old sock or glove on your hand and wipe each slat with it.

Removing the dust is not only necessary to make the blinds look nicer, but it is also a step you should take before you actually wash the blinds.

Ways To Clean Them

Washing the blinds is a process that can be completed in several ways. One thing you should realize is that you should never soak wooden blinds in water. Some methods involve dipping them in a tub of water for a few seconds, but you should use caution with any method like this. Water can damage the blinds, and therefore, you may want to use one of these methods instead:

  • Damp cloth – Wet a soft cloth with water and wipe each slat with the cloth. You could even add a few drops of dish soap or wood cleaner to the bucket of water.
  • Wood polish – Another way to clean your wood blinds is by spraying wood furniture polish on them. After spraying it on, wipe it off thoroughly with a dry cloth.

When you decide to clean your blinds, this is the perfect time to remove your curtains to wash them too. Because this can be a time-consuming task, you may want to spend your time washing and ironing the curtains. You could then hire a company like Ardy's Gallery of Window Coverings to professionally clean your blinds for you.